In ECOFUN we are very aware of the situation that our planet is going through and therefore, of the importance of working from a 100% sustainable production to be able to leave our successors a habitable planet.

All our production processes are


Commitment to the environment is part of our philosophy. Thus, we also invite our customers to join us on this journey so that the next generations can enjoy the best possible planet.

i am ecofun

ECOFUN is not only a brand, but also represents a SOCIAL MOVEMENT.

It is a call to action capable of creating a community of people who look out for people.

We want to define in a single word all those who share our philosophy of urban, rebellious, cheerful, and honest life. People who enjoy life while protecting their planet with SLOW-FASHION.

From this moment on, a person capable of transmitting “good vibes”, humble, self-confident, daring, cheerful, pleasure-seeking and with a good taste in clothes, will be called a: