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We are very aware of the importance of sustainability and leaving our successors a habitable planet, so our philosophy, as well as all production processes, also ensure that commitment to the environment.

We invite you to join us on this journey so that the next generations can enjoy the best planet possible.

At ECOFUN we care about the planet and the future of the new generations.

We believe that it is vitally important to finally have a brand that is environmentally conscious, totally ecological, and locally manufactured.





Currently and although increasingly among our society, there is little awareness about the environment and ecology.

It is absolutely necessary to think about the future and understand that if we continue to use polluting products, we will end up destroying the planet.

In ECOFUN we are fully aware, that’s why we have created a totally ecological brand.



from the choice
of materials

At Ecofun, all the textiles used come from recycled or eco-sustainable materials. In addition, we work with suppliers that have sustainability certifications for following sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes.

Bioveg Textiles

The BioVeg family of products stands out for being more sustainable due to the use of alternative materials to natural leather.

Approved by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and cruelty-free, they differ from fossil fuel alternatives by their biological content, derived from plant resources, due to the use of biopolyols of non-food origin (wheat and corn not intended for human or animal consumption due to their low nutritional content) and free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) grains combined with textiles of natural origin or recycled materials.

The use of certified raw materials guarantees their composition: FSC certified viscose (the trees used are replanted), or recycled polyester from consumer chains with GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certification.

The production technology developed for these products has several certifications and uses bioderivative raw materials that reduce and limit the environmental impact, compared to traditional raw materials.

Recycled Nylon Stone

This type of textile is manufactured from discards in the production of textile garments and pieces of garment cuttings.

They are then selected by color, cut into small pieces, and crushed to blend through an advanced eco-friendly recycling process that regenerates the fibers. The colorations of the threads are still those of the fabrics and the dyeing is done using eco-compatible dyes.

If they were not recycled in this way, these would be materials that would end up in public landfills through incineration, which would contribute to increasing environmental pollution.

The processes that are carried out on the surface have the ECO PATH certification. They are made with non-solvent, water-based products, all ecological and non-polluting. This type of material is produced entirely in Italy, from the processing of the fabric fiber to the finish.

Terri Bamboo

This type of material is produced with viscous bamboo fiber of the highest quality from East Asia.

Compared to wood fibers (viscous rayon) or other petrochemical fibers (polyester), bamboo has several advantages: it has a short growth cycle and is an easy plant to grow. Eco-friendly viscous bamboo fiber is easily biodegradable.

Being an ecological material, its impact on the environment is almost non-existent and, unlike cotton, bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides.


The laces of our shoes are made of 95% recycled cotton fibers certified by the GRS (Global Recycling Standard) and the RCS (Recycling Declaration Standard). Even the yarn with which our sneakers are sewn have the GRS certificate, being 100% recycled polyester.

Our shoe soles

The soles used in our Ecofun sneakers are manufactured with recycled materials from other production processes (ethylvinylacetate –EVA– and rubber), which reduces the waste generated by the factories by up to 96%.

The rest of the materials used for its manufacture are of vegan and biodegradable origin, which allows an eco-sustainability even when the product is discarded, without influencing in the least on the comfort and durability of the shoes.

The production processes involved in the manufacture of the soles have the ISO 14001 certificate on the environmental management system and the use of renewable energies (power generation plant from solar panels).